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Joost Expands Beta; Adds Programming From Turner, NHL, Sony

Anderson Cooper, Adult Swim, the NHL — at this rate, Joost is starting to look like basic cable. The company expanded its beta again today and said advertising from the 32 partners announced last week will begin later this month. The free ride is over; let the commercialization begin. This also should start to test Joost’s scaling ability since it will have no idea how many users are being invited until they show up. The expanded beta means existing Joost beta testers are supposed to have unlimited invites as of now although the software is still limiting mine.

Programming: The deal with Turner Broadcasting, which has to tread very carefully lest it freak out the bread-and-butter cable ops, includes episodes of Aqua Teen Hunger Force and Robot Chicken from Adult Swim; Anderson Cooper 360, Larry King Live and documentaries from CNN Productions; Turner South programs Home Plate, Off the Menu and Southern Home By Design. The CNN RSS feed will be added to the Joost news ticker. (Is there an RSS feed of the CNN crawl?) Time Warner sibling SI adds swimsuit video.

— The NHL, busily creating its own distribution net online, will provide vintage games this month full game replays and highlights from regular season and Stanley Cup playoff games will follow. (Unfortunately for those of us at the mercy of hotels without Versus and affiliates dumping NBC Sports for local baseball, this doesn’t seem to include the current Stanley Cup run.)

— Sony Pictures Television continues its efforts to make sure Charlie’s Angels rule. The AXN Network includes Charlie

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