SlimG4 “origami” mouse: paper swan or ugly duckling?


Slimg4_unfoldedAkihabara News shares this mouse, which I think is the perfect complement for an "origami" device. The SlimG4 is super slim at only 5 millimeters, so you can easily find room to carry it in mobile gadget bag. If you’ve got a PCMCIA card slot on a notebook, you can tuck th G4 inside for safe keeping as well. Here’s the unique twist: it actually unfolds and has a thin USB interface and wire integrated in. Just unfold like a paper swan and you’ve got a skinny mouse for your notebook or UMPC. Most impressive are the two mouse buttons and a touch-scroller in such a small package!




Is this out yet? I followed the product link and there is no link to purchase it or to even see the price.

The alternative is a bluetooth PCMCIA mouse I have seen floating around, it has no scroll and is very expensive. I think this one is better if they price it in the $30-40 range.

Gene Schmeling

It looks pretty cheesy (pun intended). It looks like it’ll break easily and it’s not wireless either.


Get a MoGo Mouse — there before them, and BlueTooth to boot! I’m very impressed with the MoGo Mouse — exceeded all my expectations.

Kevin C. Tofel

Matt, take a look at the second link as there are numerous product pics there. The pic you referenced shows how the USB interface folds into the mouse when it’s all folded up. You unfold it to have what’s shown in the first pic.

Matt Propst

Kevin do you have any other pictures you could post? I’m baffled by the images you posted. The one on the left looks to me like a hard drive of some sort.

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