Mobis Fabric Keyboard- Hot Product of CeBIT

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A surprising number of people seem to be enamored of those fabric keyboards that pop up in the news from time to time.  I think maybe it’s the “uniqueness” of them that gets geeks excited.  I’ve been meaning to bring another of them to your attention but kept forgetting (no, I’m not THAT old) so I’m rectifying that now.  The Mobis Wireless Fabric Keyboard is a bluetooth fabric keyboard that rolls up and fits in a little tote bag for carrying around.  This keyboard was named a “Hot Product of CeBIT” earlier this year and runs on a pair of AAA batteries.  Here are the complete specs:

Mobis Fabric Keyboard
  • 63-key QWERTY format with full size cursor keys )
  • Shortcut key combination functions
  • Supplied with unique patented universal device stand
  • Dimensions (open): 306 x 124mm (12 x 4.5″)
  • Dimensions (stowed): 124 x 48 x 32mm (5 x 2 x 1.2″)
  • Weight: 68g (2.4oz)
  • Materials: Sensor – Nylon/PU, Plastic Casing – ABS
  • Power: 2 x AAA batteries, no power feed required from target device
  • Typical battery life: 10 hours continuous typing
  • Wireless connectivity: BluetoothT
  • Operating temperature: 0 to 45oC

Compatible with the following operating systems:

  • Palm
  • RIM BlackBerry
  • Symbian Smartphone S60 (v2.0, 2.1)
  • Symbian Smartphone UIQ (v2.0, 2.1)
  • Microsoft Windows Mobile 2003 (Smartphone)
  • Microsoft Windows Mobile 2003 (Pocket PC/PDA)
  • Microsoft Windows Mobile 2005 (Smartphone)
  • Microsoft Windows Mobile 2005 (Pocket PC/PDA)

No mention of Windows XP nor Vista which is a bit odd.  Must not have HID drivers. 

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Yeah, these are really interesting, unless you actually want to type on them. I’d rather use my thumbs.

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