How to: multiple home pages in Firefox


Firefox_home_pagesMy favorite hacker, pt, has a twist on the "Use Current Pages" feature in Firefox that allows you to have multiple home pages. You can open up tabs for each page and then click the "Use Current Pages" of course, but pt noticed the pipe symbol in between each home page URL. If you already have a bunch of home pages and want to add another, just add the pipe symbol "|" and then the new URL. Plan B is to bypass Firefox altogether and use Opera 9’s Speed Dial feature for a similar experience on up to 9 pages. You won’t have each page open, but you’ll get a snapshot of each and can quickly open one with the touch of a button….or a finger in my case. ;)



Opera is still the best least talked about browser.
It remembers your tabs, it even has a dial a web feature plus, Zoom pages how about “paste and go” feature where I can paste a link into a url window and go with a single click!!! and it is actually full of features right out of the box.
Firefox has all the hype.


This may be obvious already, but I created a folder within my Bookmarks Toolbar folder (so it shows in my toolbar) called “QuickLaunch”. I put whatever pages I frequent in this folder. When I start up Firefox, I just right click on the folder name and select “Open all in tabs”. It’s an extra step, but I can easily manage my custom version of “home pages” via drag and drop and normal bookmark operations.


Opera supports multiple home pages through saved sessions. I used to work tech support from home, and all of my work pages were in a single session. When I loaded Opera, they would all load up automatically (there’s a check box when you save a session that lets you set it as the default).

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