How to: add a clock display to your Sony Reader



If you’ve got the chops to read the Russian or you want to cheat and read someone else’s translation, you too can add a clock in your Sony Reader status bar. Er, you’ll need a Sony Reader then too. MobileRead has a forum post that links to all of the details but I’m wondering the near obvious question: why isn’t there a clock by default on the eBook reader? ;) While I ponder that some more, you can check the source instructions for your Sony Reader and have at it. If it doesn’t work, try my back-up plan: hop over to the Time and Date site or just decide that time is an abstract concept that doesn’t apply to you when you’re reading.



Actually I felt the same but after putting an onscreen clock on my iRex iLiad I changed my mind on the whole topic. It really is useful for me to have that clock down there, helps me break out of reading mode on time and get on to other tasks (like sleeping.)

One note about the linked article, you are re-flashing your Sony to add this hack to it. Pretty much the same as upgrading your Blackberry with an unofficial firmware file to hack some phone feature.

So far the russian’s only have a hacked firmware for the older version of the Sony software.

Mike Cane

Bah, you should know by now I don’t have hardly any time to *read into details* — even so, that now makes less sense, that is refreshes the clock only during page turns.

And yeah, the other guy is right about not wanting yet another clock. Do you know what a PITA it is to look at my wristwatch, CLIE, and then cellphone — and see THREE DIFFERENT TIMES?!!?

I’d say we should have a Universal Time Pulse that syncs all timekeeping devices, ala GPS, but then I recall who the current US President is…

Art Kavanagh

‘why isn’t there a clock by default on the eBook reader?’

That’s easy. Because nobody needs yet another time and date display. The real questions about the Sony Reader are (a) why can’t it read html and (b) why doesn’t it have a search function?

Oh yeah, and (c) why didn’t it come out in the days before TFT screens and ClearType fonts became common, when reading off a computer screen was actually kinda difficult.


Damn! You beat me to it Mike! thought I was thinking more that if you don’t pay attention and haven’t turned the page lately, then you’ll end up late for a meeting or something. I do take your point though, since something in the ereader would have to keep ticking over to take note of the time – but we have digital watches that last for ages on a bitty battery…


Well, according to the thread, it only refreshes during a page turn, so it doesn’t actually affect battery life. However, that makes it seem less useful too. ::shrug::

Miike Cane


Hello. It’s e-ink. The display draws power only with page turns/refreshes.

Hence clock = battery drain = stupid.

Now you get to be nasty when I ask a Q. Ha!

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