Give Mom the “Gift of Gab” this Mother’s Day


Mother’s Day is fast approaching, that one day a year when we all call our Mums and wish her a happy day.  Skype and Intel have teamed up for the “Gift of Gab” promotion that lets US and Canadian residents call anywhere in the world all day Mother’s Day, May 13.  You can’t beat free calls so come on, give Mom a call.  Doesn’t she deserve that after all you’ve put her through? 


James Kendrick

Sumo, my Mom would say “what is Skype?” Oh, a computer thing, I don’t understand computer things. And then she’d hang up.


What a great idea…

“Hi mom, guess what? I spent so much on your gift that I cannot afford to pay to call you on Mother’s Day, so I’m using Skype’s free call offer to talk to you… well, yes, the call is going through my $2000 computer… yes, I did buy a quality headset, but that’s so I can hear you more clearly… yes, a regular phone is better quality, but… but… but… but, MOM!!!”

At least that’s how my Mom’s day Skype call might go.

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