Geekapalooza #2 winner announced!


The second contest in our Geekapalooza series was a complete success with over 50 entries, most of whom correctly identified the four jkOnTheRun articles that have been Slashdotted over the years.  Wow, that’s a lot of /.ing.  We put all the names of those who correctly answered the questions into a hat and are happy to announce the winner is Yolanda Villa!  Yolanda wins an unlocked Samsung i320 phone in the original box with all of the gear that goes with it.  The i320 is a sweet ultra-thin smartphone running Windows Mobile 5 and is one of my all-time favorite phones.  I know that Yolanda is going to enjoy using this phone that is not only very functional but extremely cool looking.  To claim the prize all Yolanda needs to do is email me the shipping directions and we’ll get the i320 on its way to its new home.  A big thanks to everyone who participated and don’t be down in the dumps we still have a lot of super prizes to give away and Geekapalooza #3 will be firing up shortly.

We will be giving away the next prize on jkOnTheRun shortly so to be safe better add us to your RSS feeds.


Yolanda Villa

I’m in total shock! Can’t begin to express my thanks!

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