First OQO Model 02 unboxing outside of North America


Oqo_model_02_unboxing_hugoNone other than Hugo Ortega received an OQO Model 02 complete with a double-capacity battery and docking station. In typical and fun Hugo style, he shares the unboxing experience in a video, complete will geek drool and comments about how sexy the device is. Don’t worry parents, the overall vid is PG although for a few seconds here and there, Hugo had me worried! ;)

This was the best look I’ve seen of the docking station and I’m very impressed. Hugo will be using the OQO and the dock as his primary computer (read: desktop replacement) for the next few months and I’m looking forward to hearing about the experience.



Wait until the OQO comes out with their patented notebook shell docking station for the OQO and you’ll be blown away.

The need for the OQO is for mobile professionals.

It has been the best device to use while on the road.

With the processors getting better, it will replace my notebook soon.


Valid point Kevin. I guess I never really think about that feature in a UMPC since I turn to my bigger laptop or desktop when I am in the office or at home. As you guys always point out, everyone uses these devices in different ways. For instance, I am having lunch across from my office and using my p1610 right now. I dont think I would be as comfortable using the OQO although I think I would look “cooler”. To me a UMPC must give you at least enough screen space to be comfortable or else many people will not find it useful beyond email and if email is all it becomes well….anyway, it does look like a very cool device but for now I can stick with what I have…but hey you never know

Kevin C. Tofel

Scott, bear in mind that you’re not just limited to the small screen of the OQO. Like many of the UMPCs in the market you can use the VGA-out or a dock for a full-sized monitor. You have the flexibility of the small screen when you’re mobile and the video out for when you’re in an office setting.


I am really trying to figure out what market the OQO can capture. It is an incredibly cool looking device and I almost wish I could justify why I need it, but I cannot. I have the p1610 as well as the tmbobile mda (and yes a blackberry). The screen size on the OQO is hardly larger than the MDA so I cant see it having any practical use for Windows applications beyond those you could use the MDA for (i.e. ms office). Please someone sell me on why you should spend the high price for something that will end up being the same as an mda or 6700?

Ken MacDonald

Kevin you’re a knowledgeable and entertaining writer but why do you drop a klunker like this “(read: desktop replacement)” so frequently?


I’m waiting to see the first Vista (non upgrade) unboxing on a Via OQO, though I’m not holding my breath…

John in Norway

Actually, if I’m not mistaken, I unboxed mine before Hugo :)
Mine arrived last Friday and was unboxed before the postman had driven off! Too quick to get on video.

I’m actually writing this on my Q1 because the OQO is on charge and I have to say that the OQO is a far better experience than the Q1. It’s also a lot more responsive although I suspect that’s because I have Vista on the Q1.

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