A month with the HP Pavilion tx1000 Tablet PC: Digital Inspiration

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Hptabletnotepooktx1000Amit’s been putting the tx1000 Tablet PC through the paces for a month now; his overall impression is fairly positive. Some of the aspects that he liked: powerful configurations available, better mouse control due to the unique touchpad we noticed at CES, two headphone jacks for sharing digital media experiences.

On the ‘not so hot’ list was the location of the fingerprint reader; Amit found that he accidentally swiped it from time to time. Battery life topped out around two hours with the standard battery, which is the Achilles heel of so many portable computing devices these days. Still, it’s nice to see the overall experience satisfying for Amit since this is his first Tablet PC. Welcome to the club!

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daryl d

This is, by far, the worst computer ever. The tablet’s callibration is awful. It’s really a joke. If this is this guy’s first tablet pc, he’s missing out on what a tablet is really like. The screen is awful as well.

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