SuperStock Goes Mobile, Allows Mash-Ups

Stock photography company SuperStock has signed a deal with mobile content community MyNuMo to put its content on mobile phones. The images will be available for sale as wallpapers (which is not so much low-hanging fruit as fruit that has fallen on the ground and started rotting) but it will also allow users of MyNuMo to use the images in their own creations, reports TMCNet. “MyNuMo’s unique mash-up feature will let users download these wallpapers and even edit them according to their preferences. While the SuperStock images will be open for download, the mash-up facility will let the user edit the original image the way he wants to. This can later be added to the users’ personal blogs, Web sites and other personal sites as well. The possibilities of using this feature are virtually endless!”

I’m pretty sure MyNuMo lets users sell the images they create — I’m not sure how this works with images created from SuperStock photos. Anyway, it’s a very interesting move by SuperStock, and a nice departure from the “just buy it, don’t use it” attitude a lot of companies take.