Yahoo Mail, the story behind the mail


You either love it or you hate it. The New Yahoo Mail that is. Check out this interesting story and interesting observations about what went wrong (and right) from a User Experience standpoint with the new Yahoo Mail.


Nitin Borwankar

I have only one comment on the gripes about ads – you get what you pay for.

Free webmail users have absolutely no basis for any complaint about service – you are getting a valuable service for free. Don’t like the ads – use a for-fee email service like

I am just a very satisfied user for the last 5 years. I pay 40$ a year and get webmail + IMAP/POP and my own domains as well as personalities + throwaway email addresses + tons of space.
Never seen an ad in 5 years.

If 40$ a year is more valuable than your attention then that’s the choice you make.

So stop whining and expecting something for nothing. Wake up and smell the for-fee Internet.


1) Re: RYK’s comments: “He” is a “She.”

2) Kickingpebbles is my blog, and I just plain like small type- if you don’t like it, don’t read it. My blog- not a client’s blog.

3) Scott Schiller just posted a great comment on my linked-to article… that I’d love to get additional feedback on, from the engineering community. Thanks for the smart and insightful response, Scott!


I have email accounts from hotmail, Google and Yahoo just for testing. Out of three accounts, I might say Yahoo’s spam filter is no use. It’s absolutely impotent. I know it generates traffic, but email filter that rejects emails not registered in your address books by redirecting them to a confirmation webpage where a real person needs to enter a randomly generated secret code in order to get into your inbox folder would be a blast! Can anyone recommend such a product?


how could you call that article “interesting” …that guy is commenting on GUI while himself using 8 point font; and all he does is spew venom at everybody; and even praises Yahoo for its copycat Outlook interface; and crticizes Gmail for its best features.

Hardly interesting and infact very avoidable article.

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