Coming Soon,’s The Homeless Chronicles

5 Comments is soon going to be homeless.

The four members of the start-up behind the online reality television show are being evicted by their landlords, Trinity Management Services, due to complaints of raucous parties and other disruptive behavior.

On April 12, Bornstein sent another letter warning founders Kan and Shear, the only two officially on the lease, that they had broken the lease’s terms for having more than two people living in the apartment and for running a business from the apartment without the landlord’s permission and in violation of San Francisco zoning laws.

Tenants have complained about large number of people coming and going from the building. There were complaints of a loud fight, though the guys called it low-level disagreement between two ladies visiting the apartment. Wired’s Epicenter blog says that’s use of the apartment “stretches the notion of the home office into the limits of fair use.” is one of the many YCombinator start-ups that have made Crystal Tower in the North Beach area of San Francisco their home. The building, dubbed YScraper, is home to many start-up entrepreneurs. is not the only YCombinator start-up to get into trouble with the landlords, who are not exactly renter-friendly (and I speak from experience.) TMS often attracts out-of-towners in desperate need for housing.

In case you were thinking this is geeks gone wild, think again. Jessica Livingston of YCombinator told The San Francisco Chronicle:

“It would be one thing if all of these guys were party animals… These guys are building startups. They work, sleep, code and eat. They aren’t partying. They are programming.”

A group of fans has set up a Web site,, but getting evicted may not be such a bad thing. trying to crash on people’s couches for the night, or even sleeping on a park bench or in the car could add a more “realistic” twist to the online saga.

Read: The San Francisco Chronicle.


Ilya Lichtenstein

This could only be a good thing for the show- aside from tons of free publicity this will bring, having Justin wander the streets at night could make for very interesting show indeed.

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