Voice transcription on mobile phones: I’m all ears


We don’t have any details at the moment, but you might be interested in this Robert Scoble post from earlier today. Here’s a short excerpt:

"I am hanging out with a bunch of Charles River Ventures partnersthis week in Phoenix and one of them, Mobeus, just showed me somethingthat will get me to switch cell phone vendors when it comes out. Well, it was CEO Dave Grannan and Mike Phillips, CTO, who pulled out their cell phones and — started talking to them. But, not in the way you might think. Their words were — almost in live time — being transcribed right in front of me."

Can’t wait to hear more about that as I always have my phone with me, even when I’m without a UMPC or notebook. The ability to dictate to a phone, especially one that has wireless data connectivity to send or leverage that voice-dictation, is very appealing.




As mentioned in the comments of the Scoble post, Google 411 Voice Search is similar tech, at least compared to the example given. Also check out jott.com for voice to e-mail text – that is becoming a very useful service for me (bad memory and whatnot)

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