Vista contest winner announced!


Boy, we must have made the first scavenger hunt in our contest series way too easy as the very first commenter nailed it right out of the box.  Akula is the lucky winner of the boxed Windows Vista Ultimate prize for correctly finding the first hands-on look at the Sony U70 which was posted here on jkOnTheRun on July 1, 2004.  Boy is this blog old!  There were lots of good tries to get the right answer and we thank everyone for participating.  Before everyone starts complaining yes there were some posts about the Sony U70 that predated this one but this was the first jkOnTheRun hands-on post as it was posted the day I received the U70.  We’ll make sure the rest of the scavenger hunts are a lot harder because this one was just too easy. 

Akula, please email me (click on my cartoon head in the right sidebar) your full name, address and phone number so I can ship your box o’ Vista right out.  Congratulations for being the first winner in our geekapalooza! 

We will be giving away the next prize on jkOnTheRun shortly so to be safe better add us to your RSS feeds.


Philip Ferris

How about a post that catches us later in the day and -very early in the US. Now Kev’s won’t be a wage slave he’s sure to be burning the midnight oil.

[I am really pleased for Akula ans, besides, I am in need of other MS software – don’t suppose you’ll have an Office package up for grabs :-)


Well done Akula.

Just to comment on the UK time thing, I just missed the first post and I’m in the UK.

(I then had to make a last ditch attempt but oh well)

Great competition by the way, now theres a geekapalooza on, I’ll get no work done at all!

James Kendrick

Andrew, we gave that a lot of thought before running the contest and we’re not sure the best way to handle it. BTW, if I’m not mistaken the winner of this contest is in the UK. :)

Andrew Forde

Great competition! However I think Phil mentioned on the competition thread that it would be great if you can find a way to make it more ‘fair’ to those of us not in the US and I agree.

By the time I caught the posting and being in the UK there were already so many replies that I didn’t start looking for the answer – I guessed that somebody had the answer already.

Great prize though… and more to come I hope!!

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