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Linda Epstein has published a review of the HP tx1000 Entertainment Notebook and it is a typically thorough review of the newest touch-screen notebook from HP.  The tx1000 is an entertainment powerhouse with a lot of design features geared to make the user experience an enjoyable one and Linda covers all of those features in great detail.  It’s a good review and one you shouldn’t miss if you are interested in this latest swivel-screen notebook from HP.  I have been evaluating this notebook for a few weeks now and will be publishing a video review of the tx1000 soon but in the meantime check out Linda’s review.




“A typically thorough review”? “A good review”? Don’t think so! She lifts whole paragraphs from the press materials and intersperses some admittedly accurate hands-on observations with spiels of marketing-speak, and the mixed formatting and haphazard on the page is incredibly amateur! I would NOT make a purchasing decision based on such an amateur effort.

Also, is she’d done the least bit of research she’d realize that the tx1000 uses PDA-style passive recognition technology rather than true Tablet-style active technology. The digitizer is basically a super-sized version of what you get on an iPAQ, so it’s cheaper but also less accurate than a regular Tablet.

Lorie Ghamy

Hello dears

What about screen : plastic or glass like my old TC1000 ?



Hey Y’all,

Aaron: Yeah, it was a bummer, but I guess it was to be expected: they were marketing this as a laptop with a touch interface…and the digitizer is fine for just tapping on things…but the digitizer is way too insensitive for inking.

Scoobie: Yup, and that’s why I bought its bigger, non-tablet brother, the DV6000 instead…that, and the wobbly screen plus the fact that the digitizer created a haze over the screen.

Nikoo: I didn’t get to test that out in person, since I couldn’t find any way to calibrate or adjust the settings of the digitizer during my quick play…though I think the inking experience is also affected by the glossy coating of the screen – for the amount of weight you had to use on the screen, the stylus tip tended to ‘catch’ on the said coating.

John: Probably nothing active, maybe just through using a relatively insensitive digitizer.


My biggest question is about the palm rejection during inking. Does anyone know if it has such a thing?


I am looking forward! Could you please investigate something? it is said in the forum of tabletPC review that the touchscreen is terrible at first, but after a few days of testing, recalibration in both orientations, everything smoothes up and it becomes really confortable.
The “long” thread is here:
Else it seems that the battery is poor. What’s your feeling about this point?

Thanks for the good job so far ;-)


My inking experience in store a couple of times on the HP TX has been awful. Ruled it out completely as a result

Aaron Walker

They gave it high marks except in the main area, the inking experience; saying it was the one weak link in an otherwise great device.

Kinda defeats the whole purpose of a tablet pc that they say fails miserably in the inking/note taking department. Might as well get a traditional laptop after reading the review.

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