Wireless Startups Searching for VC Dollars


It’s funny, usually the press materials at conferences are full of easily ignored sponsor pages and a real waste of trees. But the handouts at the DowJones VentureWire “Wireless Innovations Conference” had some juicy listings, parsing out the 60 participating startups by “financing plans,” “amount raised,” and “revenue stage.” It’s interesting info, which is sometimes not so easy to pin down. Here is a list of companies that listed themselves as looking for financing:

Raising Money Now: 3jam, 509, a la Mobile, Arch Rock, Autonet Mobile, Azteq Mobile, Clicmobile, Emdigo, EQO Communications (though perhaps this is yesterday’s announcement), GPShopper, Intercasting Corp, Mobileplay, Mobio Networks, Nexage, Numobiq, Ortiva Wireless, Rhevision Technology, Smaato, Spark Parking, Stellaris Networks, Wichorus, and Xpressent.

Raising Money Within Six Months: Bones in Motion, FreeRange Communications, Greystripe, Snac, TalkPlus, and WeFi.

Raising Money Within One Year: Jangl, Juice Wireless (update: Juice says this is another planned round in addition to the round the company referenced last December), Mobango, MobileMax, Promptu, SoonR



Why is Jangl keen on raising another round?
CLEARLY, Craigsnumber wins hands-down with its simplicity – as noted by several experts!
I found the Jangl experience too cumbersome, and am happy with Craigsnumber.

Simple is good. No amount of marketing spending can overcome bulky solutions such as Jangl!

Katie Fehrenbacher

anon, these are just the 60 startups at this conference — there are plenty more out there raising money at different stages of development

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