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Mobile wayback machine: Toshiba T1910CS & Motorola 3200 GSM

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Thanks to a Technorati RSS feed, I caught this post from Fanatical (Fanatic-Al) that shows off some cutting-edge mobile tech….from 1994! Pictured above is a small, 386-based Toshiba notebook and one of the first GSM phones available in the UK. Windows for Workgroups 3.11 on 8 MB of RAM was the platform of the day for the PC while 60 minutes of talk time was the max on the Motorola! I think I’ll stop grumbling when my phone battery dies after a full day of voice and data. ;)

3 Responses to “Mobile wayback machine: Toshiba T1910CS & Motorola 3200 GSM”

  1. Ron’s right (I think ) it is a 486sx 33, my 220 Mbyte disk died and was replaced with a 120 – well 110,000,000 bytes ish HDD and the tosh was upgraded from the original 4 to 8 Mbytes RAM – the thumb ball is around somewhere, I think, but IIRC the ‘popping on’ was not as seamless as Tosh woudl have us believe.

    I’m going to unearth the PSU to test it all out

    I’m going to post some more Tosh loveliness and a Compaq Monstrosity soon :)

  2. Just to be a Geek, I have to set the Specs straight on the TOSHIBA 1910CS. The 1910CS (CS designates Dual Scan Color, a C was Active Matrix) it was a 486 /33 Mhz with standard 212 MB HD and 4 MB of RAM. Windows 3.11, I believe, was the standard included OS. In its day, it was something, followed by the 1950CS which was a SX/250. The big deal with the Toshiba 1900 series was the QuickPort thumb ball mouse which just popped onto the side of the case.

  3. Here we go, above is my first GSM phone I got back in 1993. It’s the Motorola 3200 with 2 Watt. The Motorola 3500 (with 5 Watt) was stolen which hurts even more since the 3500 was a prototype which was never released because it used 5 Watt which was too much. 900 MHz GSM Handheld phones are allowed to have 2 Watt only… :-(

    Hope the thief got “hot ears” (not to wish him anything worser)!!!