Sony To Unveil Its Second Video Sharing Site Friday

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Sony has created an ad-supported video-sharing site that will be launched in Japan on Friday called eyeVio, Reuters reported. If the site achieves a measure of popularity in Sony’s home country, the company will issue additional eyeVios globally. And to ensure its popularity with content providers, Sony promises to strictly police the site for copyright violations. The site will also allow users to have a degree of control over content they put on the site, as they will be able to select who can watch their videos and for how long.

No word on how this might affect the company’s other video sharing site, Grouper. Last August, Sony Pictures bought Grouper for $65 million. Shortly after, Grouper was sued by Universal Music Group, which accused it, as well as MySpace and, of copyright infringement. UMG settled with in March.

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Has anyone noticed the Grouper P2P Client is no longer avaiable for download?

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