Vonage’s Strategy: Buy more Ads!


With a reprieve from the courts, what’s Vonage’s first public step in its patent battle against Verizon? Hire more lawyers? Partner with other patent holders? Nah — instead, Vonage went and bought some newspaper ads, and built a net-neutrality style “grassroots” website designed to enlist public support for its fight against the big telco. Just imagine, an army of thousands of Vonage customers, circling the court while chanting “woo-hoo, woo-woo-hoo!” That should do the trick.


Judi Sohn

When Vonage customers gather to sing their “woo-hoo, woo-woo-hoo!” chant, let’s hope they don’t expect to call each other and discuss their plans first.

“Hi buddy! Let’s get together and show Verizon what they can do with their patents!”


“Whaa? Did..say..something? I said…Hi..bud..what..can..do..patents”

“You’re breaking up. Are..under..bridge or something? You sound..you’re talk..underwater. What do you want to do, again?”



That line about Vonage customers singing the Yoo-hoo song together is an absolute crack-up. Thanks for the first-thing-in-the-AM laugh.

Vergel Evans

Hope there’s enough prior works out there that’ll clear them from this patent issue. These types of cases are slowing the innovation engine called the USA.


So now, Vonage can continue business as usual, which means they will continue to lose money.

When venture capitalists look at a firm, don’t you think that they look at what patents are out there? Of course they do, they want to ensure that the money train doesn’t stop. Didn’t Vonage look at the existing patents? My guess is no, they rushed to market, just like they rushed to market with VoIP with no e911. Just like they rushed to market with their network (which was built in a way that makes having a workaround easy to get up and running.)

P. G.

Vonage has been cleared by court allowing it to continue signing up new subscribers. However, the patent case is still pending – and not sure what kind of implication will be from the outcome of the case. No matter how aggresively Vonage advertises itself now, I’d hold off on associating myself till things clear up.

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