Sprint 6800 details emerge


Sprint_6800Thanks to jkOTR reader, Hector, we got a peek at what appears to be the official and forthcoming Sprint 6800 PDF spec sheet. The most important tidbit about availability isn’t there, but mid-May appears to be the buzz around the Internets these days; still nothing concrete about Verizon’s ETA. Let’s get a refresh and confirmation on the features:

  • Windows Mobile 5 (initially as I believe there is a WM 6 upgrade in the plans)
  • A Qualcomm MSM7500 mobile processor rated at 400 MHz
  • 256 MB ROM & 64 MB of RAM
  • Semi-standard 2.8-inch QVGA touchscreen
  • 2 Megapixel camera
  • EV-DO Rev A. upgradeable (sounds like Rev 0 at first to me), Bluetooth 2.0, 802.11 b/g
  • Slideout QWERTY keyboard

For XV6700 / PPC-6700 owners, the big upgrades are the Rev. A EV-DO, internal antenna and camara res boost. Of course, with no official word from Sprint (or Verizon), price and availability details are still hiding in somebody’s desk, so stay tuned. Thanks Hector!



With the iPhone coming out, I wish HTC/Sprint would use the extra time to incorporate more iPod-like storage space and capabilities, along with the WM6.0 & EV-DO Rev. A. Such a phone would be an iPhone killer! I sure hope they are putting some thought into this.

Michael Blakley

I stopped by a Sprint store today to work on a couple of issues with my PPC 6600.
I asked about the 6800 and the rumor around THEIR office is that the release of the 6800 has been delayed until at least September 2007.


Will I be able to write with a stilus on the 6800 like on the 6700

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