Microsoft Hoping For Halo Effect From Xbox Live In Japan

Microsoft is hoping that the launch of its Games for Windows Live service in Japan will give PC gaming a boost in that country, which will in turn give a boost to sales of the Xbox console. Although since the point of the new service is to connect PC gamers to the Xbox network the argument seems a bit circular…If there’s not many PC gamers, then connecting them to the console with the lowest market share isn’t going to spur a spectacular change. Microsoft’s Xbox hasn’t sold as well in Japan as in other countries…”Xbox 360 are climbing — albeit slowly. In the week ending April 15, the console sold 2,900 units across Japan, according to estimates from Media Create. In the same week, sales of the competing PlayStation 3 console were 11,948 units, while the significantly cheaper PlayStation 2 hit 12,872 units. The lead remained with Nintendo’s Wii console at 75,759 units,” reports InfoWorld.

Microsoft has a Q&A up with Peter Moore, the head of Microsoft’s Interactive Entertainment Business, which gives an idea of what the company is trying to achieve — “offering something for everyone at anytime”. That’s not really possible, but the console does offer a lot of rich content. The 6 million members of the Xbox Live community send more than 2 million text and voice messages a day, and Moore made a lot of bringing an IP connection to the TV. “Partners like CBS, Warner Brothers, MTV and Paramount Pictures tell us that Xbox 360 became the #2 distributor of TV and movie content on the Internet overnight, only behind iTunes,” said Moore.

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