HSDPA modem + iLiad reader = eBook nirvana anywhere


Irex3gRemember that HSDPA-capable USB modem we mentioned yesterday? We knew it was a T-Mobile rebadge of a Vodafone device but what we didn’t know is that you can connect it to an iLiad eBook reader! MobileRead forum member, drazvan, provides the how-to on getting connected complete with a Zip file of some scripts. You’ll likely have to mod a few bits yourself, but downloading eBooks when there’s no WiFi in sight is worth it, no?

Anybody else getting creative with 3G modems and dedicated eBook readers?


Kevin C. Tofel

I’ve heard the same but haven’t seen anything official from Amazon yet. 3G or better on a dedicated eBook reader might be overkill, unless it has other web functionality that can use the speedy broadband as well. Part of me wonders if a slower integrated wireless connection would be good enough to download eBooks and make the price more appealing. Paying a monthly fee for EVDO only to download eBooks isn’t cost effective for me personally; I’d prefer to use a connection I’m already paying for if possible…


Isn’t the Amazon ebook reader going to have an integrated EV-DO radio?

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