Griffin Elevator

Griffin Elevator A couple of months ago I made the transition from a PowerMac G5 to a 17″ MacBook Pro. Up until then I had never used a laptop in a stationary work environment and was a bit green to what sort of things would really make that setup work best.

Being in the design industry I’ve had a dual-screen setup for as long as I can remember and wasn’t really looking forward to losing that. I needed a way to get my laptop up to the same level as my Dell UltraSharp but knew stacking some books wasn’t going to cut it.

Enter the Elevator.

One of Griffin Technology’s newest products, the Elevator it’s the followup to their iCurve laptop stand from a couple of years ago. But don’t make the mistake of comparing the Elevator with the iCurve. The Elevator is worlds better than the iCurve. It’s sturdier, sleeker, and just overall a higher quality production.

Having a laptop stand is really a must if you’ll be using your laptop in a stationary desk environment for any length of time.

It provides ample air circulation, keeps your laptop at a comfortable viewing height, and best of all it frees up rare desk space (I use the added space to store external harddrives.

The “arms” of the Elevator that actually do the holding have a nice, secure padding to make sure your laptop doesn’t slide or get scratches. The iCurve had the unfortunate flaw of the sticky padding wanting to fall off but that’s simply not the case here.

What is also nice about the Elevator is that it disassembles for easy packing in a suitcase for something like a business trip, if needed.

Griffin seems to have heard all the feedback (both positive and negative) from the iCurve and basically created the ultimate laptop stand. This really is a vital piece of hardware for my workspace.

The Elevator will cost you around $40.


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