Fountains of Wayne perform at Apple Store SoHo

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Fountains of WayneFountains of Wayne performed a free mini-show at New York’s Apple Store SoHo last Friday and Entertainment Weekly’s Simon Vozick-Levinson wrote a mini-review for the magazine’s blog.

He notes that although it was billed as an acoustic set “that didn’t stop three out of the band’s four members from plugging in their amps.”

“This is what we call playing acoustic: We have one acoustic instrument,” bassist/songwriter Adam Schlesinger deadpanned with a gesture toward lead singer/songwriter Chris Collingwood’s guitar.

He thought it was a great show regardless of that discrepancy and despite the location inside a retail store.

Another band might have felt uncomfortable playing in such an obviously branded space, but Fountains didn’t seem to mind; in fact, the Apple trademarks peeking out from every inch of the venue made an apt backdrop for their songs’ constellation of consumer-culture references. Others have criticized the Apple Store for its “antiseptic” feel, but on Friday night that felt just right — as if all 150 of us in the audience had crowded into the world’s biggest iPod to hear a very special playlist.

Concert Review: Fountains of Wayne at the Apple Store Soho

There’s also a Flickr photo set of the concert.

The next performance at that store is rock & roll storyteller Jesse Malin on April 24, with songs from his upcoming album, Glitter in the Gutter.

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There’s so much to do at the Apple Stores! Workshops, ProCare, events, openings, Genius Bar visits (hopefully having nothing to do with major problems)…
Visit an Apple Store if you haven’t recently.

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