Can Online Video Launch a Political Career?

MySpace and reality television producer Mark Burnett are teaming to create a political reality TV show called INDEPENDENT, according to an emailed press release. The show, which will find its contestants through MySpace Video, looks to award $1 million to launch the campaign of a politician who “best reflects the voice of young Americans.”

I thought being a good candidate had something to do with governing experience — or at least being tied to an actual election! — but this show takes the idea of political personality to the next level. It promises to document contestants as they “struggle with community and constituent relations, campaign crisis, and the election process.” As for, ahem, the issues? “[V]iewers will be empowered to put a genuine stamp on which issues they care about most and identify the one who truly represents them.”

INDEPENDENT has not yet been picked up by a broadcast network, though with its News Corp parentage it hopefully has FOX as a fallback, right? The show is planned for early 2008.