4GB Ram From Samsung


Sign me up for 2 of these…Just wish my MacBook could handle them. Maybe my wallet too.

So by stacking ram modules on top of one another, Samsung has developed faster, more reliable RAM chips. Really all I have to say – being a devoted OS X/Apple user who relies on tons of RAM for smooth operations – is Sweet Action. (It’s a technical term.)

With these bad boys you could max your Mac Pro out in 2 slots….or better yet, I’ll take a board that can handle 32GB of RAM please!



Well, very sweet… Someone will love this and I can’t wait to tell her about this. Thanks again…


Firmware, maybe not. It could be that the board is limited by the number of Chip Select signals wired to the DIMM socket. If you can’t address the additional Ranks on the DIMMs, you can’t use them…


If you link directly to the Samsung press release, you can get better information. The Crunch Gear article gets the general idea right (higher density modules), but the nomenclature is all wrong.
The main thing to update in this post would be that Samsung is not “stacking ram modules”. A “RAM Module” is a DIMM/SO-DIMM/etc. They are stacking multiple die, which are individual silicon chips, into multi-chip packages, which are then placed on modules.

Press Release


I have 2GB in my MBP, I would love 2 throw a couple of these in it. Can’t they do a firmware update to atleast let us use 4GB of RAM, but that is different issue.


I’m happy to see any advance in this technology. I’m wondering if and when a Macbook/Macbook Pro will have either more slots, or the option for afordable expansion beyond 2GB. To add to my wish list, I’m hoping for HDMI on Macs and possibly flash hard drives. I wonder if there will be a chance for a smaller Macbook Pro model that will allow me to have the benefit of portability as well as a powerful graphics card. I can’t help it, but I want some of each in one computer.

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