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Seventymm Hopes To Achieve Operational Break Even This Year

Business Standard has a profile of Raghav Kher, the founder of online DVD rental company A few points are of note. Kher told BS that the company would “break even by the end of this year”. Obviously, operational break-even. Seventymm, which has got a total of $9 million in funding in two rounds, now operates in three cities mainly – Bangalore, Delhi-NCR, and Mumbai. It plans to expand its services to another five cities this year.
Kher also talked of consolidation in the online DVD rental marketplace. “Seventymm could eat up a few smaller, regional DVD rental portals,” claimed Kher, while he himself ruled out the possibility of being eaten up by bigger boys like Reliance and Nimbus, who are entering the home video market. So what is the end game? The company, if it reaches Rs 100 crore ($22.5 million) in revenues, may go in for an IPO.
Some key things I wanted to know: How many subscribers it has currently? How many does Seventymm’s competitors like Catchflix, and others have? How many subscribers are they adding a month? Is the customer adoption gaining traction month by month? Any ideas?

3 Responses to “Seventymm Hopes To Achieve Operational Break Even This Year”

  1. He is a hypester. The market for online DVD rentals is nowhere as big as he is making it out to be. This service is bleeding money and rumors are that he is looking for a way out, via a sale ASAP. A friend of mine who still works there mentioned that kher is now looking at other ventures.

  2. Nick Crater

    I think Seventymm is creating a very big hype. Most of my friends in Banglore are quite disatified with the service what seventymm provides.

    This million dollar VC funding, 100 crore target…..i think its all myth.

    Let them first give some statistical details about there present number of customers, revenue growth……..etc..