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ITV, Britain’s biggest commercial TV network, is finally ready to unveil its long-awaited online video-on-demand offering. MediaWeek reports the broadcaster has circulated invites to a launch ceremony in London on May 1 following a long gestation while a separate regional ITV Local VOD offering was tested. The project, which was slated to offer archive programming and a 30-day online catch-up for many current shows, was due to launch in March. The entire site is slated for a May 1 relaunch.

VOD will include more than 1,000 hours of archive content for free, catch-up on shows including popular soap Coronation Street and live streaming, according to MediaWeek. An ad-funded model has lined up advertisers including Vodafone and Sony. Channel 4 stole a march in the UK TV VOD stakes when it began offering the majority of its programming available on cable and online under the 4OD moniker in December, while the BBC’s iPlayer is still awaiting approval and is not expected until later this year after it was ordered to make modifications to its proposal. ITV Local leaves plenty to be desired but the broadcaster could get more serious about the national VOD plan – seasoned online exec Annelies van den Belt said ITV was putting $40 million toward the project when she was hired as broadband MD in January.

12 Responses to “ Relaunch Finally To Include VOD Offering”

  1. I too am having Corrie withdrawl. We changed our cable provider,and it does not have CBC out of Windsor. I have watched Corrie St for years. Found a site to watch it ,but the episodes are way in the future. I am a native Michigander, and love the British soaps

  2. Arlene Mac Donald

    Hi there I am in the SAME boat as Kelly I moved to Florida and can NOT watch Corrie I am dyin here I had to gove up my addictive Tim Hortons coffee AND Corrie

    How much more can I take

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do this for us

  3. Kelly A.

    Denver, Colorado

    WAAAA! We cannot get Coronation Street on VOD outside of the UK!! I spent the summer at our cottage in Ontario getting my Corrie fix, now I'm back in the US and am left hanging! I don't even care if I watch 6 month old episodes! I can't understand in this day and age why someone in the US cannot for the life of them watch Coronation Street. I think they are afraid to put a real quality show on the airwaves for fear of people realizing the drivel that gets pumped through the cables here.

  4. Marlborough, Mass/North Delta B.C.
    I didn't see the responses to the earlier questions. Will we be seeing the Canadian or British Episodes? I am in the US for 1 year & am going through some serious Corrie Withdrawal – don't want to miss the up-comming DRAMA!! Wink, Wink!
    Where do I sign up!!!

  5. Peter McIntyre

    As an ex pat I would love to be able to watch episodes of Corrie.I really miss British television.We get a few shows but they are often repeats.Please find a way for loyal watchers who once lived in England to keep connected with their Homeland through television.The British Soaps are more realistic than the American Soaps.At least we see everyday people and not everyone looks like a movie star.

  6. Robert Andrews

    No detail on that. Personally, I doubt overseas viewing will be part of the offering as it's UK advertisers ITV needs – will advertisers be interested in reaching audiences who can't buy their products?

  7. T Farrell

    Yes, same question. Are we able to watch, and are they ahead of the Canadian episodes like in England or can we opt to stay current to our schedules?

    T Farrell,
    Penticton, British Columbia, Canada