T-Mobile UK outs a USB HSDPA modem

Tmobile_usb_hsdpa_modemNear as I can tell, this rebadged Vodafone T-Mobile USB modem will work on both Windows and Mac for HSDPA access in the UK. Stuff is hot for the accessory thanks to T-Mobile UK’s pricing: free with an 18-month contract and 30 pounds with a 12-month deal. Even better is the monthly access through T-Mobile’s Web-n-Walk plan: 29 pounds monthly nets you the 1.8 Mbps download speeds.

To be fair (lest some folks think the plans are unlimited), the T-Mo terms of service are quite explicit and dare I say, helpful, to understanding what happens if you use large amounts of monthly bandwidth. It looks like a three-strikes program with plenty of warnings. Also interesting is how T-Mobile positions the service as a replacement for your home Internet connection.


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