Spire Endo XL


Spire Endo XL Spire has always been a favorite of ours. They make solid bags that are lightweight yet still extremely functional.

I’ve been using the Endo XL for a few weeks now and it really has just about everything I could need. What makes it so great is that it is built to carry significantly more items than just your laptop. You can easily fit pens, cell phones, notepads, magazines, cables, and really whatever else you want which ultimately helps cut down on extra baggage. This is especially helpful for the frequent traveler.

The bag is made of tough ballistic nylon that can stand up to just about anything. And on top of it’s extreme durability, it’s easy on your shoulders due to a cushy shoulder pad.

My only real complaint with this bag is, for lack of a better word, its “baggy-ness.” There are so many different compartments, nooks, and crannies that the amount of fabric in the bag can be a bit overwhelming…especially if you’re carrying a lot. This is really one of those personal preference things and still wouldn’t keep me from using the bag.

Overall this really is a great product. It’s available in 4 different colors (navy, gray, black, red) and will cost you $100. You can check out full specs on the Endo XL product page.



Hi Khalid are you shure the tech field from jack spade would fit a 17” macbook pro ???


The timbuk2 bags, the messenger bags from chromebags.com, and the ones from bumbackpacks.com have a PVC liner that’s waterproof. That’s possibly the most important feature that some companies overlook. It’s also extremely durable, and makes the inside very easy to clean every once in a while. The Chrome messenger bags aren’t specifically made to use with a computer, and although they have laptop specific bags, I use one of the messenger bags with a neoprene sleeve from incase and it’s rather nice. The bag is useful for everything from grocery store trips by bicycle, to keeping your electronics safe from even rain or snow.

Dan Dawson

Wow, looks pretty good. It actually looks kind of similar to a Timbuk2 bag I just got. http://www.timbuk2.com/ One of the things I liked about Timbuk2 is their “Custom” bags are about the same price (I think $20 more) and you get to choose all kinds of custom options, all the colors, strap and pad options, right and left handed bags, etc. When it comes time for your next bag, I’d check both websites and see which fits your needs better.


I recently bought a messenger bag from Timbuk2 and I’m loving it. Very nice quality bags.

Khalid H.

This bag by Jack Spade is a little more expensive but I have been using it with my MacBook Pro 17″ for almost a year now and its perfect. Most importantly it fits my 17″ notebook and it has a removable notebook sleeve if you just want to take the notebook and not the whole bag. Its made out of a thick denim material so it is super durable too which is an added bonus.

You can find it at jackspade dot com or the link below.


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