Weekend Reader

The no más moment — Brian Oberkirch describes the steps he’s taking to build a moat around his attention castle. Here’s a good one: “making a micro to do list of 3 to 5 things. Index card or sticky note for the day.” You don’t have to firewall your attention though. Information overload might be good for you, as long as it doesn’t turn into infomania.

BFAD logoBuy your teammate a drink — Looking for a way to reward or say thanks to remote team members? How about buying them a drink using SMS? BuyYourFriendADrink.com provides SMS-accessible virtual gift certificates good at 40 bars in the New York City area. You could even use it to arrange a distributed happy hour, assuming no members are entirely geographically isolated. It’s no fun to know that other people are partying together when you’re far away.

Are you reading fewer magazines these days? — Bill Slawski is. He says, “I’ve been wondering why, and one of the reasons may be that I can stop in the middle of a paragraph, open a new window, and find out more about something I’ve come across in an article online. I can’t do that with an ink and paper page.” What’s your favorite treeware?

Google’s looking for a hardware mass production program manager — Could be related to the rumored GPhone handset.

Coworking as expression of philosophy and hope — For Mark Dowds, coworking is not just a convenient alternative to home or Starbucks-based work. It provides “a third way of working that suits the needs of those of us who like to live in hope of finding a more holistic lifestyle that brings dignity back to work in the midst of an engaged community.”

Why you must have a blog — Because it’s the new resume and a key part of your online professional persona. Discuss amongst yourselves.

morale-o-meterSocial morale tracking — Use a 43 Things account to track your morale, health, sleep, alcohol consumption, and caffeine intake as it fluctuates through the day. Then share your results with others.

Side job for moms with a good eye and fat walletThe New York Times reports on “Moms with a camera” (MWACs). Digital SLR camera + portrait parties + a website = disruption of the children’s portrait business. Sounds like a good entrepreneurship experiment.