Updated HandBrake Available


HandBrakeI know people are itching to get content on their iPods and AppleTVs, that’s why there’s HandBrake.  HandBrake can convert DVDs to MPEG-4 and is open source.HandBrake 0.8.5b1 was just released on Friday.  There have been more bug fixes and now HandBrake supports the AppleTV and PS3, features surround sound, chapter markers and more.  For a complete list of changes, HandBrake has created this handy PDF so you can see every single change in the new version.

Of course, the people at HandBrake are warning that this new version of HandBrake is a beta and may not work as great as the last version of HandBrake.



Mary Aranas

Does anyone have an older version of Handbrake they can email me for my poor old Mac OS 10.3.9? I don’t want to (or can yet afford to) upgrade to Leopard and the extra RAM that will require. Just want to put my few little favorite yoga DVDs on my iPod to take on the go!


The hanging at 100% is a known bug. Let it sit for awhile (a LONG while) and your encode will be fine.


Ive been having a nightmare with Handbrake so far. Trying to convert some VOB files off a DVD (of old VHS’s) into a formet my editing software will use.

Almost everytime I try it reaches 100% and then doesnt do anything, forcing me to restart. Ive got one usable movie out of it in 3 days of trying.

Wish I could find alternative or a way to make it work.


The experience I have had with Handbrake has been good. I hope that this version will be stable, as new features can open the door to more problems. The new features are good ones. Thanks for the post. I heard it here first.

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