Playing live on Monday, Kyte.TV


If you like Twitter, then there is a good chance you are going to like, a new service being launched on Monday by San Francisco-based Decentral. The service allows anyone to publishing their own “television channels” which are available on mobiles, personal computers and eventually television. This is the latest start-up to capitalize on the MeTV trend.

In an earlier post NewTeeVee wrote:

Users snap a video (or a photo) with their camera/video phone and then send an email with the attached file to their Kyte account, and a few seconds later the video is transcoded and playing on your channel for all to see. If you do have a compatible phone (or live outside the U.S.) you’ll be able to do cool things like life-streaming, where your phone takes a picture at a set interval and broadcasts it on your account — a real-life stop-motion film.

Decentral raised $2.25 million in funding from Draper Richards, Draper Fisher Jurvetson, Atomico (Skype-founder Niklas Zennström’s fund), and Ron Conway. If you can’t wait wait till Monday, then GigaOM readers can click here and use the invite code “gigakyte.”


Adrian keys

I guess others will catch up very quickly…but I really like the mobile instant capture. You can expect some real crazy stuff…

Om Malik


checked out commentist. it is nothing like – interesting concept, but not sure why i would want to use commentist.

Om Malik


The ZZZs were a good idea, except i have not been able to sleep much trying to think of the implications of and all. anyway i hope you go some shut eye.

Barlow Keener

Comvu ( has a similar online video product. It is very cool and lets you send live video from your mobile phone in real time to groups of friends on mobile phones or PCs.


If you like broadcasting your thoughts, also check out Commentist ( — just launched this weekend!


Kreig Zimmerman

By golly, this looks fantastic. What a great twist: Twitteresque indeed.

Only issue is their Flash detection code seems a bit spotty for Safari on MacOS X. I’ve sent them an email, we’ll see where it leads. Could be because I’m using a WebKit nightly however, think they’ll support that? :D

Steve Morsa

…just us nuts still up (or at least posting to/reading blogs), Om…’bout time for some zzz’s…at least for me… :-)

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