Park Meadows Apple Store Opening Day


park meadows apple store t shirt

I got there at little after 7:15am and was greeted by this line.
pma store

Then the Apple Laptops came out – great wireless signal from the store apparently.
pma store

Then the Apple Team came out Whooping and Cheering.
pma store

And then the party began.
pma store

This was my first Apple Store opening, and it was really cool. The people are fun, and I had some great conversation with the gents around me in the line this morning. Everyone’s in a great mood and the passers-by wonder what the heck is going on. Then when they find out, they wonder what’s wrong with all of us…

When I left there was a still a line out the doors of the mall, crazy. Great new location Apple – thanks for making one so close to my home!

Let us know if you were there and what you thought of the store.



Is there a Denver in any other state than Colorado? If so, I guess 5 stores would be too much! :)

I wish for just ONE proper apple store in the country that I live in…. :/

Nick Santilli

Matt – 5, actually. Cherry Creek, Boulder, Flatirons Crossing, Aspen Grove, and now Park Meadows. crazy in an awesome sort of way…

Petri – Well, there’s the free t-shirt! But they did have a bunch of drawings they were doing – 10 Pro care memberships, and 1 grand prize pkg of a macbook, and a bunch of other things I don’t remember. so there’s that.


Do you get free Macbooks or why do you want to visit an store opening?

I understand it’s great for the locals to get a new AppleStore to a nearby mall. When you queue for PS3 and Sony gives you free flat screen TV like in London, that’s quite worth it, but when you already know exactly what the store will have and there are no new products announced, seems like waste of time.


I’m still shocked that there are now three Apple stores in the Denver area. That seems like a lot.


Oh how I wish I could go to an Apple Store opening! That seems to be when all of the “seasoned Mac users” step away from their desks/lap desks to visit the mall. Apple sure brings out a nice group of people. I hope one day I can make it to an opening.

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