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eMusic: No Sale Talks At This Point

For a while now, we had been hearing sale rumors about eMusic, the online music service which sells songs without DRM. In an interview with, CEO David Pakman put those to rest for now: “I can confirm there are no talks right now with any strategic buyer. The company’s not for sale. The company is in no need of financing, and our growth is off the charts. We’ve talked to every media company on the planet, we’ve been approached by everyone.” The story mentions as a serious buyer.
As for future plans for the company: “We look a lot at long-tail television. I’m not announcing that we’re going there, but we have an interest in that…There is, we think, a huge amount of content owned by either production companies or studios or networks that has some viability if you could find the target customers that would be interested in it. And we think we could sell it very well.”