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Wanted: Google Phone Manager?

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The decibel level around Google phone has gone up considerably in recent weeks. Google CEO Eric Schmidt called mobile the biggest growth area for the company at the Web 2.0 expo. True to his word, Google has been looking to hire to fill out its mobile business, which already has Andy Rubin, creator of Danger Inc.’s Sidekick device amongst its ranks.

Today Unstrung points to a job ad calling for a Program Manager in charge of launching hardware products into mass production. Is it GPhone? Who knows, but search for mobile in Google’s Job page and you come up with a lot of hits.

Earlier this month, the blogosphere was hit by Google phone rumors, with speculation that HTC will start making a Google handset by the end of this year. Ironically, Google’s Dodgeball crew quit earlier in the week. Google is no stranger to experimenting and investing in wireless access, like its select city-wide Wi-Fi plans, or its help on an upstart “whitespace” wireless device.

5 Responses to “Wanted: Google Phone Manager?”

  1. Maybe Google will usher in the era of Mobile 2.0 I just don’t see a revenue opportunity in Mobile without significantly improving the functionality of the handset. I think this is where Google comes in. It will be great to see how the new devices coming on the market from non traditional manufacturers drive innovation.

  2. there is obviously a huge opportunity for mobile advertising. it took google’s technology (search) and its ad model (adsense and adwords) to finally come up with a fair and unobtrusive ad vehicle for the web. a huge improvement over the annoying pop-up ads fashioned by aol.

    will google be the company to figure out mobile ads, or is there a company out there that has will figure it out first?

    let’s hope we don’t get bombarded with pop-up type annoying ad vehicles on our mobile during this experimentation phase. the text spam trend that is emerging is worrisome.