Screencast: The [Updated] Quicksilver Setup


So almost a year ago to the day (ok, off by a week), I posted an early screencast which showed the setup I use for Quicksilver. The intent then – as it is now – was to show all of you exactly which items are check-marked and how everything’s set, so in cast you want to play along at home, you can try to mimic these settings on your own.


The [Updated] Setup
10mins / 70mb

To avoid confusion of any kind – this screencast is not a walkthrough of all the ins and outs of the Quicksilver Preferences window. This is strictly how I roll with Quicksilver. So if you want to be like me….or at least use Quicksilver in a similar manner, this should get you there a bit quicker.



Actually, I just thought of another detail concerning dependencies. If you *really* need to know what is required by a plug-in, you can look into Library/Application Support/Quicksilver/Plugins.plist. The QSPlugIn dictionnary under each plus-in is pretty descriptive and should make it relatively easy to find out.

Old Shatterhand

On my system activating the File Tagging Module causes Quicksilver to bloat on CPU, to more than 50% CPU time after a few days. Too bad, since I liked that plugin the best.


Just a note concerning plug-in dependencies. While I agree that there is no way of knowing what plug-in depends on what other plug-in once installed, you can uncheck the “Install prerequisites without asking” option, which is set by default. This preference is visible when clicking and holding the “setting” button (toothed wheel, left of the “refresh” button and search field) in the plug-in pane.


Thanks for the screencast, there is nothing I want more than to be like Nick, now at least I can use QS like you do. Seriously though, thanks, always nice to see someone’s setup. It gives me ideas for some changes to my setup, in spite of using QS quite differently than you do.

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