Open Thread: Are Telecommuters More Vulnerable?

Your foray into web work may have started something like this: You were too valuable to lose, and your manager went to bat to allow you to work remotely. Or maybe your work was well-suited to web work styles, so there wasn’t any question of you taking advantage of company telecommuting programs. Perhaps you took your know-how home and started freelancing, and quickly attracted long-term contracts with a company.

But now things have changed — are you more vulnerable if you’re not physically there? Indeed, many people think that you are. Whether your manager has quit, a reorganization could change your duties substantially, or a key project sponsor on your contract has been re-assigned, what goes on in the traditional office can have a profound effect on the lot of the long distance web worker.

Is navigating change more difficult for the far-flung versus traditional on-site workers? What changes has your web work arrangement weathered, and how would you say your career has flourished (or not) since that disruptive element was introduced?


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