Following-up Pimp Your Quicksilver


It seems my screencasts garner much interest in the rest of my system’s bling, if you will. So a quick rundown to answer some of the questions left in the comments of the Pimp Your Quicksilver screencast from last week.

I find my Desktop wallpaper in a few different places.

You’re bound to find the wallpapers you see in my screencasts in the above locations.

So my Wooden HD icon. This is a beauty that Josh discovered and wrote about here. It’s definitely a sweet bit of pixel art.

As for my Home folder – the folder with the tighty-whities around it – I wish I could remember where I found that gem. I believe the name of the set is Aqua Extras Volume 1. Try Interfacelift for this set…

And some of you surprised me by being curious about my color settings for the Quicksilver Bezel interface. If I’d thought anyone cared I would have covered it in the screencast – sorry about that. But better late than never, yeah?
bezel colorsbezel colors
On the left above you can clearly see the colors I’m using. To copy them into Quicksilver using the Color Palette, just click the magnifying glass on the Color Palette once, and hover it over the color you want to choose anywhere on screen. (In this case, over the image above left.)
Above on the right you’ll see that I’ve marked the percentage of opacity for each color I’ve used.

I hope this has been useful and answered most of your questions. If you’re looking for additional resources to Pimp Your OS X, check out Josh’s post on the topic – “15 OS X Customization Resources” from a few weeks back.



I also feel the need to thank you for your screencasts. Quicksilver is really amazing! It makes me wonder how someone came up with something with such a simple interface, but is so advanced. I would have to say it’s my all time favorite freeware.


Thanks so much for your screencasts. I’m new to Quicksilver and I really think it could be useful. I’m trying to get as much out of it as I can, as it has crashed more than a few times and I was ready to give up on it when I discovered your blog.

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