Social Video Site Kyte.TV To Launch Monday

The Guardian (reg) has a review/commentary on mobile video-sharing start-up Kyte.TV, which launches on Monday. He seemed impressed… “I started by taking a video of a fairground carousel at the South Bank in London at the weekend. At home, after sending it to my desktop using the Bluetooth wireless function, I opened up the homepage, pressed My Channels and Produce. I then dragged a “video player” icon to the middle of the screen and then clicked to upload my video…At a stroke it was out on Kyte’s network for anyone who happened to be tuned in to watch, and make comments in the Chat window. I’m not sure I agree with him in comparing this to a TV station run by Murdoch, it’s more like a Flickr or YouTube stream, at heart this is a mobile social site, and claims that he has “just launched my own global TV station from my mobile phone and laptop” are a bit grandiose.