Updated VLC Available


VLC IconVLC Media Player 0.8.6b is now available. Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past couple of years, VLC is short for Video Lan Client and is one of the most versatile media players in existence today. According to the good people over at VideoLAN.org, the new version “fixes many crashes, especially during fullscreen on Mac OS X, on Vista and the browser plugin.”

I have had mixed experiences from VLC. Sometimes it is as stable as Mac OS X, other times it is the exact opposite. I have difficulty complaining about VLC considering it is a free cross-platform application that can play almost any video file under the sun.

Go pick up the new version over at VideoLAN.org.




Between Quicktime, VLC, and flip4mac (find both at versiontracker.com) I have never had a need for anything else to play media files. Although VLC tends to show me a lot of error messages, it will allow me to “dismiss” and continue playback. flip4mac translates WMV files directly to Quicktime smoothly, and I would highly recommend that over Windows Media Player.

Travis Bell

VLC used to be good, and then starting a few versions ago (right along with the Intel stuff I would say) it went to **** (constant crashing).

Having said tht however, I think they knew they had work to do because starting about 3 weeks ago with the latest 0.90 nightly TRUNKS, the builds got a lot (drastically) better. No more crashing, and again, like before, is back to walways working.

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