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The 7-Minute Sopranos: An Inside Job?

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Looks like my prediction that the masterful mashup known as the 7-minute Sopranos would face a quick pulldown from YouTube was way off the mark — since the video actually seems to be the work of HBO insiders. As sniffed out by the New York Times’ Virginia Heffernan on her Screens blog, the creator may not have had “official” approval to use the copyrighted content in the manner he did, but the clip’s continued shelf-life shows that the HBO brass don’t exactly disapprove of what is, in fact, a pretty good promo.

As Jackson and Liz have both noted earlier, some of the best web video is, perhaps not surprisingly, coming from bidness insiders who already know their way around a camera and a microphone, no small learning curve as any video experimenter can attest. To honor the Screens blog a bit more, here’s a hilarious video that was part of their Sopranos post, calling it “The kind of video the mysterious HBO Lab technicians make when they’re not making illicit videos that promote HBO shows without the permission of their employer.”

One Response to “The 7-Minute Sopranos: An Inside Job?”

  1. notexactlyinsiders

    For clarification sake:
    Joe Sabia, the guy who works at HBO and co-creator of the video, made it in the basement of his home with his friend, Paul Gulyas. He didn’t tell the press he worked for HBO because he didn’t want to lose his job –
    (hmm.. if the video received a bad review, and an HBO employee in the press says he co created it… seems worthy of firing….)

    but the video received a great review. And the risk seems smaller in hindsight than it was in reality. What was more than an “insider job” was simply a pure coincidence that he works at HBO. And you guys are right, the creators are good with media. That’s why they were sought out by HBO in the first place.

    HBO being proactive and using young talent in this format for PLANNED viral marketing campaigns is another issue…. they still have much to learn….