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Ten Joost Channels Worth Watching

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The knock I keep hearing on Joost is that the content is, ahem, “lacking” (to employ a euphemism). None of my friends have been clamoring for the Europop stylings of “MTV Benelux,” reruns of ESPN2 steroid-enhanced staple “Worlds Strongest Man,” or probably the most egregious crime against humanity a video network could ever perpetrate — helping to distribute, in any way shape or form, “The Diddy Channel.” (At least in that last regard YouTube is just as guilty.)

But there’s definitely some stuff that will be worth watching, especially now that Viacom’s beef with YouTube means that they’re throwing their lot in with Joost, CBS included Joost as part of their new non-exclusive distribution strategy, and Joost continues to pick up smaller scale indie content providers.

Here’s my top ten of what I’m looking forward to tuning in for:

10. BET: If only to down-rank Diddy videos. Viacom property VH1 will (eventually be) available, along with videos from major labels like Warner Music.

9. Logo: Assuming it will include popular classics like Queer as Folk and The Complete Tales of the City, not to mention groundbreaking miniseries Angels in America, this could actually be one of the best options available.

8. Showtime Boxing and The Fight Network: HBO always gets the premier cards, but for true fight fans, Showtime’s undercards and The Fight Network’s UFC coverage should be a hit.

7. National Geographic: Television wouldn’t be television if you couldn’t space out on the couch Saturday afternoons while watching virile predators stalk their prey.

6. CSI: They solve crimes, with science! The early seasons of the original series are still the best, but all three flavors will be available 24-7.

5. Nickelodeon: Joost — it’s cheaper than a babysitter! My hope is that this means there will also be Nick at Night programming for Car 54 on-demand.

4. CBS Sports: NFL football, NCAA sports, golf, tennis — not necessarily live, but still a great accompaniment to chips and dip.

3. IndieFlix Premier: With Oscar-nominated pieces like “Fields of Mudan,” IndieFlix presents some of the better independent short films from the festival circuit.

2. Comedy Central: When I still had cable, this was generally my starting point on a channel surf. Hopefully there’s a way to filter out Carlos Mencia.

1. Ren and Stimpy: If there’s one reason to install Joost, this is it.

All this talk, but no Joost for you? Liz has five invites for the first people who comment with links to new web video worth watching.

35 Responses to “Ten Joost Channels Worth Watching”

  1. jell-o tech

    i agree. BET shouldnt be number 10. but i really like Ministry of Sound TV channels…. different stuff, and at least we get to see cute girls in the music videos!

  2. @ Björn Ognibeni

    yeah, that may be the problem with these vid sites, the timezone thing, which means the rest of the world will continue to behave in the usual manner, mainly torrents.

  3. The problem is, of the hundred of channels on cable…there are just a handful worth watching. JOOST is just in Beta…if you can find 10 that is great. I would definitely agree with those plus the music options have some excellent choices.

  4. lola_ice

    I have been playing with Joost for several weeks now. I have yet to make it 100% of the way through any program on any channel without getting an error message saying the content is currently unavailable and suggesting that I watch something else. After doing a bit of searching and reading multiple forums and blogs I realize that I am hardly alone in being dumped mid program.

    This abandonment is exacerbated by the inability to fast froward or to pick up where one left off in the offending program. I was 22 minutes into a National Geo program got dumped and have been unable to resume without blowing another 22 minutes rewatching the program.

    Until they iron out the delivery bug (including freezes and frame lag) content is a non issue.

  5. if you can make it past the obligatory butt shots in episode one, the series gets fairly amusing in a rich, hispanic, dysfunctional, lingerie empire, family sort of way @

    worth watching in both english and spanish, even if you only speak one language, for some strange reason.

    shows hope for original scripted series that aren’t rehashed old tv stories.

  6. Does the selection of channels available on Joost depend on the location they are watched from?

    I live in Germany and I don’t see CSI or National Geographic!? National Geographic used to be available on Joost. But a couple of weeks ago, it disappeared from my channel list…

  7. Johnny Boy

    Great write-up! I couldn’t agree with you more – except maybe putting the IndieFlix channel closer to the top. One of my friends got an award at Sundance last year and since then I’ve kind of gotten hooked on the genre. I wonder if they have shortfilm and animation type shows like Image Union and Shortfilm Showcase. If you’d look deep down into the center of your soul to where that perfect little diamond of love for your fellow man lies, maybe you’ll find that the brilliant light that it bathes your heart in warms you just enough to send me an invite so I can check out the IndieFlix Channel and be forever in your debt.

    Here’s to George Washington:

    Thanks so much!

  8. What can I say. I’m no true fan. I once had to edit out the blue language and simulated violence from a 36 Mafia video before BET would accept it. But I’d still rather watch BET than VH1, if only, as I mentioned, to down-rank Diddy.

    What I really wish is that there was an option to select “The Box,” but nobody who didn’t live in New York City in the mid 90’s would get that.

  9. Agreed. Watched the whole thing multiple times. Hilare!

    It would be especially nice if Joost allowed me to pull in content like that to my own channel, at least privately or to share with my friend network or something. Would rather watch that than Diddy any day!