Ten Joost Channels Worth Watching

The knock I keep hearing on Joost is that the content is, ahem, “lacking” (to employ a euphemism). None of my friends have been clamoring for the Europop stylings of “MTV Benelux,” reruns of ESPN2 steroid-enhanced staple “Worlds Strongest Man,” or probably the most egregious crime against humanity a video network could ever perpetrate — helping to distribute, in any way shape or form, “The Diddy Channel.” (At least in that last regard YouTube is just as guilty.)

But there’s definitely some stuff that will be worth watching, especially now that Viacom’s beef with YouTube means that they’re throwing their lot in with Joost, CBS included Joost as part of their new non-exclusive distribution strategy, and Joost continues to pick up smaller scale indie content providers.

Here’s my top ten of what I’m looking forward to tuning in for:

10. BET: If only to down-rank Diddy videos. Viacom property VH1 will (eventually be) available, along with videos from major labels like Warner Music.

9. Logo: Assuming it will include popular classics like Queer as Folk and The Complete Tales of the City, not to mention groundbreaking miniseries Angels in America, this could actually be one of the best options available.

8. Showtime Boxing and The Fight Network: HBO always gets the premier cards, but for true fight fans, Showtime’s undercards and The Fight Network’s UFC coverage should be a hit.

7. National Geographic: Television wouldn’t be television if you couldn’t space out on the couch Saturday afternoons while watching virile predators stalk their prey.

6. CSI: They solve crimes, with science! The early seasons of the original series are still the best, but all three flavors will be available 24-7.

5. Nickelodeon: Joost — it’s cheaper than a babysitter! My hope is that this means there will also be Nick at Night programming for Car 54 on-demand.

4. CBS Sports: NFL football, NCAA sports, golf, tennis — not necessarily live, but still a great accompaniment to chips and dip.

3. IndieFlix Premier: With Oscar-nominated pieces like “Fields of Mudan,” IndieFlix presents some of the better independent short films from the festival circuit.

2. Comedy Central: When I still had cable, this was generally my starting point on a channel surf. Hopefully there’s a way to filter out Carlos Mencia.

1. Ren and Stimpy: If there’s one reason to install Joost, this is it.

All this talk, but no Joost for you? Liz has five invites for the first people who comment with links to new web video worth watching.


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