Does 3Com Have what Vonage Needs?


In more than one of the discussions we’ve had with folks about the Vonage-Verizon patent fight, there has been out-loud wonderment that some prior art hasn’t yet surfaced to invalidate Verizon’s claims. From VoIP Watch blogger Andy Abramson (and his radio cohort Ken Rutkowski) comes a report from “someone” who claims that a 3Com may be the owner of a patent could help Vonage contest Verizon’s claims. Good reading, and there will be more to follow we are sure!



Vonage testified that Net2phone had what they needed. Vonage should just go to Net2phone if they can find them.


Pretty interesting. So maybe 3Com would figure they have $58 million coming to them?

Don’t see how this really helps Vonage unless 3Com would step in and tell Vonage “don’t worry about it, keep the $58 mil.”

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