Tekkeon MP1500: small, portable power for small, portable devices

Tekkeon_mp1500On the road, I tend to charge my smaller devices via USB off of my main computing device. When I say smaller devices, I mean my phone, Zune, etc…since I tether these devices for broadband access or synching. That takes a hit on the computer battery; in my case, the extended battery of my UMPC. GearDiary just reviewed the Tekkeon myPower Go MP1500, which for $20, just might have to be my next purchase.

The MP1500 isn’t a giant brick of a battery; it’s just large enough to house the four rechargable AA batteries inside. Using a USB port and one of many adapters, you can charge up that MP3 player, phone, camera, Bluetooth headset and more. Not a bad device at this price and size…I’m sold and now I won’t have to use up juice on the Q1P to charge the supporting cast!


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