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Joost Invites Up For Grabs

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By now I’m sure most of you have heard about Joost. It’s Tv on your mac with nothing more than an internet connection. I’ve been playing with the closed beta for a couple of weeks now and it’s got a lot going for it. Maybe not an Apple TV competitor just yet, but there’s definitely something to it.

So I’ve got myself 3 invites into the Joost private beta. Anyone interested? If so, leave comments on this post as to why you deserve this unparalleled honor…or something like that. I’ll choose 3 of your comments – either on merit or how greatly they amuse me – and email the invites to you. Don’t worry about putting your email addresses in the posts, it’s captured when you leave a comment anyway, so just make sure that address is valid. Good luck!

48 Responses to “Joost Invites Up For Grabs”

  1. I pride myself at being the guy who circumvents the corporate network nazis at my workplace to find new and exciting ways to use distractable content at work. Everyone keeps asking why I have a MBP on my desk in addition to the corporate Dell, and it’s because I use my Mac to run network workarounds of glee. I can IM and iChat despite network controls, YouTube despite bandwidth restrictions, blog despite site blocking, and more. Watching TV via Joost on the internal network would be the ultimate “stick it to the man”. Please provide me such joy!

  2. CyborgSam

    I have no real life, so I live vicariously through TV & Netflix. If I could watch TV on my computer I could pretend that all those hours in front of the Mac are productive.

    I’ll put Joost to good use: I’ll hook my PowerBook to the TV, put my lazy ass on the couch, and become a 21st century couch potato.

    Help save an old couch potato from becoming obsolete!

  3. Wow. Guess it would have helped if I had checked this site earlier in the day than now, but revision for finals beckons. That said, if one of the three invites is still going, then I am certain you all will have used procrastination loads at times of exams, and Joost would be a great procrastination tool!
    Feel pity on the lowly and bored Edinburgh maths student…


  4. SO FYI –
    I’ll assume that if you’re commenting here, you aren’t grabbing one of the freebies at other sites…

    I’ll post a notice once I’ve made my final decisions, and then you can go get one of the others elsewhere – I want to make sure these go out fairly to those who don’t already have one!

  5. Kill Your Television

    I don’t want one, so don’t offer it to me.

    Just don’t.

    I’d hate, loathe, despise, abhor, distain, scorn and dislike an invite.

    Back off.

  6. ClapForChildren

    oh dear dear joost inviter,

    please bestow upon me the hottest and most saught after web-based invite to be had in this day. with this invite i shall spread your hallowed message (whatever your message may be) across these many and varied lands, stopping only for taco bell and to check myspace. i swear unto thee that my aim is true and my head and person are pure enough for this challenge. bless me with an invite, oh kind, kind sir, and i promise that you shall tonight fall into the deepest of sleeps and awake refreshed and renewed, knowing in your heart of hearts that you have done the right thing.

    a stranger on the internet.

  7. Wow, um.. because it’s honestly my birthday today. No joke, I’ll send a copy of my driver’s license if you want. These coincedences never happen to me, and i’d like to try Joost, so I’ll take what I can get.


  8. I don’t deserve one either, but it would be useful for me, because I relocated for my job to a country that doesn’t speak English, not even as a 2nd language, so I cannot get ANY English TV here (Czech Republic). Did you ever try watching Tom Hank’s Castaway in Czech? – “VILSON!” :-)

  9. Divigation (Grant)

    I don’t know that I deserve one over anyone else around here, but as a devoted TAB reader who always looks forward to and regularly comments on your articles I would love to be a recipient. It would allow you to ease some of the dissapointment that I have in not getting to move to Denver, since you played a role in me getting so excited about the city as a potential new home.

  10. I’m a student and an intern, and thus poor, poor, poor. Also, European, which means I don’t have access to iTunes TV downloads, or Netflix, or Blockbuster, and are you crying yet?
    Actually, I think I’d really *enjoy* Joost, so I’d be very grateful for an invite. That’s it.

  11. I sooo deserve an invite to Joust because I always survived the “Survival Wave” and “Egg Wave” and could defeat the pterodactyl at least 50% of the time!!

    And put me down for a Galaga invite too plz…

  12. Ahhhh come on, you know you want to give me one.

    What? Just let me in. No, I’m not gonna do it.

    Fine. Fine.

    (raises shirt and proceeds to do the truffle shuffle)


    Now let me in.