iTunes selling ‘Great Albums’ for $7.99


iTunes Great Albums SaleMore than 100 “Great Albums” on the iTunes Store that normally sell for $9.99 or more are now selling for $7.99 each.

As Apple puts it:

Did the car stereo chew up your cassette of Nevermind? Is your Kind of Blue LP scratched? Have you always meant to get Dark Side of the Moon? Now’s your chance: iTunes’ album sale features some of the greatest music of all time. Fill in those gaps in your collection for just $7.99 per album.

The selection of albums spans the 1920s-2000s and includes albums by The Beach Boys, Beastie Boys, Mary J. Blige, Curtis Mayfield, The Doors, Bob Dylan, Marvin Gaye, Sly & The Family Stone, U2, The Who and many more.

The sale precedes next month’s release of higher-quality, unprotected albums for $9.99 from music label EMI.

Great Albums on Sale



Denise thanks for your offer, Which brings raises this point: If you can buy and gift to someone outside of the US , why have these artificial barriers? I know it’s the Music biz that is putting these restrictions in place… but why??

Richard Hather

I find it most depressing when I go online to iTMS and find all the albums I want for $9.99± are not available in Canada. Im stuck with either having to wait or go and bite the bullet at HMV and buy them there for double the price (ie. Pink Floyd albums). For the last year I have been solely buying music from iTunes on Tuesay when they are released. This will be “Great” when they move the promotion outside of America! I took at look at what they are offering and am liking what im seeing.


From Germany it isn’t available, too. But that’s the same with all of these cool special offers and freebies. :(


So i went to buy one of the albums from the sixties, The Band’s “Music From Big Pink” (the members of The Band consisted of 4 canadians and an american.) I really wanted to get the album. So off i go…BUT because I’m in canada it won’t let me buy from the American Store…so off it goes to the Canadian Store….. but that Album is NOT available from the Canadian Store. Other albums by The Band are available but no listing for Music From Big Pink. Go figure. What insanity! …. and so it goes…

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