Intel Mobile Platform 2007 devices to hit in 2007

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Intel has been pimping their new Ultra Mobile Platform 2007 processors, the A100 and A110, both of which are optimized for the use in mobile PCs.  They have indicated that there will be five different devices released this year by Aigo, Asus, Haier, HTC, and Samsung that use the new processors.  The news that HTC will introduce a device this year using the UMP 2007 processors is surprising because they have previously only announced the HTC Shift, and that was reported to run the Via C7 processor.  Did Intel get to HTC or will HTC, who has never released a UMPC try to produce two different models?  We’ll have to wait until later this year to see.  In addition to this bit of news UMPC Portal has posted photos of a number of prototype UMPCs running the UMP 2007 chips.  The Fujitsu device is particularly innovative being a convertible UMPC.


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HTC Shift running Via was a misreport early on by engadget in my opinion. Given it runs aero and they wouldn’t announce the processor I thought it more likely the HTC was tied up waiting for Intel’s 18th APril event to announce the processor

The Fujitsu looks very interesting. Anyone found any more photos or news about it?

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