How to: revert back from a Vista upgrade

Windows_xp_logoIf you upgraded your UMPC, laptop or desktop to Windows Vista from XP, you might have noticed an message during the installation about a "Windows.old" folder. This is where the old XP installation information is stored for your upgrade, which I knew. What I didn’t know was how to actually USE that data to revert back to XP if needed. Microsoft has all of the steps right here to revert back to XP from any version of Vista if you kept that "Windows.old" folder. I tend to keep that folder around until I’m sure the machine, drivers and peripherals are all up to snuff on Vista and then I give it the old heave-ho. If you kept yours and Vista just isn’t where you want it to be yet, you can follow these steps and go back in time to XP. Actually, this works if you went from Windows 2000 to Vista as well; anybody fit the bill there?


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