Google phone rumor, end of 2007?


A report from Digitimes (via Engadget) says the Google phone is coming from HTC, as early as the end of 2007. If that’s really true, I’m not sure which I want more, iPhone or Google phone.



Goog’s got guys like Andy Rubin (Danger, WebTV, General Magic, Apple) working on the phone. Assuming Goog’s letting Andy’s team do their thing, it’ll be a good consumer device.


I’m not sure I would be all that optimistic about Google’s consumer electronic design prowess.


I understand what Apple is bringing to the mobile phone market: The Apple experience. Better UI, better features, Apple product appeal. What are the core values at Google that they’re going to bring to this market that are so compelling? I don’t get it.

Nick Hawkins

I’m not understanding the appeal of either phone. My T-Mobile MDA can already play MP3s, videos, and use Google Maps and has a Gmail client.

Of course I could be terribly wrong. The RAZR from Motorola is a crap phone, but the form factor made it worth buying, whereas I didn’t like the RF, the UI and other things.

I’ll wait and see – the question is if Google is releasing phones with their branding, are they selling them from a particular vendor or are they going to go and try being a MVNO?

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